Devotional Thoughts: Nobody’s Perfect

In our culture I see less and less confession of sin. This Biblical truth shows us where we all stand; we fall short. This is one of the verses in what’s called The Roman Road, a way of sharing the Gospel through a series of verses in the book of Romans.

This truth assures us that next to God there’s not even one who measures up. All of mankind has sinned. This should draw us towards humility and confession. Some choose to ignore wrongdoing and this solves nothing. Ignoring wrongdoing in our children, not correcting behaviors teaches it’s ok. We can become desensitized to our sins pretty quickly especially in a culture that teaches universalism.

We don’t like it when we are wrong or when we are caught red handed and embarrassed. The mature response in these situations is to confess, apologize and move on. Doing this brings peace into our lives. If we fight and cover up it leads to more and more sin and this brings misery. We all make mistakes. This verse seeks to lead us down The Roman Road that leads to forgiveness from God. God loves all mankind. Because God loves all of us, God has provided a way to erase our sin, heal and then even empower us to do Godly things in this world of sin.

I asked a 6 year old boy what he thought of Jesus. He said, “ Jesus is gross.” I asked him why he thought this. He said, “ he is always giving away his blood and stuff.”

Children are so literal at that age! We too can misunderstand Jesus. It’s hard to misunderstand this verse. We are the gross ones, not Jesus, especially if we allow sin to fester and birth gross things in our lives like bitterness, adultery, anger, jealousy and this list can go on and on. True beauty comes from within, not our outward appearance. Confession of sin is the first step to peace and beauty. It’s within our reach. God desires to grant this, we only have to ask.


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