Holy Week Devotional Thoughts: Salvation

Anyone excluded has chosen to exclude him/herself. Have you called on the name of the Lord? I didn’t understand this until I stepped into these waters.

Call on God for forgiveness, establish God as your King. Toss away empty things full of temporary pleasures that disappoint.

Everyone who calls is granted what they do not deserve.

One man in his 80s is worrying about his health. I asked him what could be the worst that might happen? He could die. He said he’s lived a pretty good life. I explained the Scriptures make clear whether you have eternal life or not won’t be determined by a balancing scale. That would be such a human manner of determining things!

Salvation is in God alone, not in anything we have or haven’t done. The invitation is still open. Grasp this with your whole self while you can! I’m

To the one who is unsure about this I encourage a prayer to God expressing just that. Tell God your doubts, issues, fears. Ask God to help you with these and just see what happens. God longs for you to reach out to Him, to call on Him.



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