The Untold Symbolism of Christmas: The Wreath

I can’t help but notice how the deeply symbolic, spiritual meanings behind our traditional Christmas decorations seem hidden.  One of my favorites is the wreath; the most beautiful wreaths are those made from fresh greenery that someone gathered and put together.  The smell is mesmerizing and its beauty is natural and whimsical.

Wreaths of holly are especially beautiful.  Holly leaves are prickly and remind us of the crown of thorns Jesus wore while hanging on the cross suffering.  Holly produces deep red berries that represent the drops of blood Jesus shed while hanging on the cross.  This can be a reminder to us that even suffering can be beautiful.  The suffering Jesus endured offers us a beautiful gift of forgiveness that is unparalleled.  Our suffering can be made beautiful as well when we give it to God and endure like the evergreen in the dead of winter.

Evergreens are never changing, never ending, and stay the same despite their circumstances.  There is no death of leaves for the trees and bushes that are evergreen. Evergreens have the power to battle the forces of winter. They are beautiful all year long and give us the gift of color when others are brown and appear to be dead.  This can be a reminder that no matter what’s going on around us we know God gives us the strength to press on and to even radiate beauty in our circumstances.

Wreaths are circles of beauty symbolizing God’s eternal love that endures forever.  The coming of baby Jesus brings us the opportunity to be transformed by the giving of our lives to Him.  We can love like God does and become citizens of eternity. A circle never ends.  Those of us who are followers of Jesus Christ carry with us the sacrificial loving gift of eternal life we have been given through the love of Jesus.

As followers of Jesus we will one day pass from this life into eternity where we belong. The never-ending circle symbol is especially comforting to those of us who have lost loved ones who followed Jesus because we know they are still alive and one day we will be reunited together.  The circle is also said to be a symbol of unity and peace.  What better way to welcome guests at our door than by hanging a beautiful wreath?

Years ago before electricity people used candles in their Christmas trees and wreaths.  At the core of the Christmas season is the welcoming of the Christ child, Jesus: light coming into our dark world.  We light up trees and wreaths as a reminder that we too are to be bearers of light in this dark world.  Candles were also set in windows years ago indicating strangers were welcome there.  God welcomes all people equally into his Kingdom and gives all the opportunity to receive the gift of love, life and eternity.

There’s a beautiful wreath displayed in my dining room that was a gift.  It is evergreen with purple ribbon symbolizing royalty.   Nestled in the center of the circle is a small nativity scene.  This wreath reminds me not to lose sight of the deep spiritual meaning of Christmas.  The King has come and He will reign forevermore!  The King extends to us an invitation to be a part of His royal family forever and he will give those who serve Him the strength to endure!  All hail King Jesus!


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